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The Importance of Fixing Your Product Mechanics Before Scaling Acquisition

To drive growth, businesses often prioritise scaling acquisition and paid advertising. However, neglecting to analyse and fix product mechanics can hinder scalability. Prioritising product mechanics before aggressive acquisition and paid ads is crucial for success.

Product Analytics
The Best Open-Source Dashboard and BI tools

This blog post compares four of the best open-source BI and dashboarding tools: Apache Spark, Metabase, Grafana, and Redash. We'll explore their features, target audience, strengths, and licensing models to help you make an informed decision.

Product BI
Best Open-Source Product Analytics Tools

In this blog post, we'll compare top open-source product analytics tools - PostHog, Matomo, Countly, OpenReplay, Plausible Analytics, Unami, and GrowthBook - that empower businesses to understand user behaviour, optimize experiences, and make data-driven decisions for product growth and development in today's data-centric landscape.

Product Analytics
What is Product Analytics ?

Product analytics analyses a product and its usage to inform business decisions. You might want to use product analytics for a number of reasons, such as to make your products better, boost sales, cut costs, or make your business more efficient.

Product Analytics
AI based Pricing and trade-off between efficiency and fairness

In theory, the AI based Pricing Process may provide a technical framework for building an economically efficient Dynamic and Personalised Pricing, capturing the perceived value of the product for every single customer.

Product Pricing
Dynamic, Customised Pricing using AI

Pricing is one of the most important exercises in Marketing, it’s the final validation of the value of products to the customers.

Product Pricing

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